1. High absorption: The porous foam structure quickly absorbs wound exudates, reducing local pressure and aiding in the acceleration of the wound healing process.
    2. Soft and comfortable: The medical-grade silicone material offers excellent flexibility and elasticity, allowing the dressing to closely conform to the wound, reducing pain, and providing a comfortable user experience.
    3. Secure adhesion: The high-performance adhesive ensures the dressing remains firmly attached during application, preventing detachment while being easy to remove, minimizing the risk of secondary trauma.
    4. Breathable performance: The dressing surface offers excellent breathability, helping to keep the wound dry and reducing the risk of infection.
    5. Long-lasting protection: The silicone adhesive foam dressing continuously releases antimicrobial agents, preventing bacterial growth and reducing the risk of infection while maintaining a constant moist environment conducive to wound healing.
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